Finance Unit
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Finance Unit

Works with the Grants Section of the University Bursary, Procurement Unit of the University, and the Audit Directorate to facilitate the financial management of grants;

Maintains a database of all funds received for research by the University

Advises researchers on relevant financial processes and regulations;

Sends out timely alerts to researchers in line with financial requirements of contracts agreements;

Works with relevant units, especially the Research Development and Policy Unit regarding budgetary aspects of research proposals;

Prepares and submits to the Director contributions to the University’s Research and Development Reports.

DGM Goal

To encourage quality research activities in the University in line with its vision to be a centre of excellence in knowledge generation for global development and the sustenance of an environmentally friendly society. This is in addition to strengthening research and scholarship by staff and students in all areas that will benefit society at the local, national and global levels.

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